Philips Hue Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp (797977)
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Philips Hue
Manufacturer: Philips Hue
Address: 3000 Minuteman Road
M/S 19

Andover, MA  01810
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Effortlessly bring ambiance and color to any area of your space with the plug-and-play Hue Bloom. Use this small smart lamp to highlight a certain area in a room or paint your wall with colored light. A small, plug-based smart lamp, the Hue Bloom can easily move from place to place in your home wherever you need a little more ambient lighting: set it on your TV stand to enhance your entertainment, highlight your favorite decor when throwing a party, or set it on your nightstand for a gentle nightlight. The Philips Hue Bloom is a small, versatile smart lamp that can light up in any shade of over 16 million colors, allowing you to change your decor with a touch of a button. The Philips Hue app gives you complete control over your lights, even if you're not home. Switch your lights off and on remotely using just the app to ensure your home is always lit the way you want it.

Property Value
UPC 46677797973
Model Number 797977
Part Number 72997/60/49
Discontinued False
MSRP (USD) 59.99
Weight (lb) 0.93
H x W x D (in) 4 x 5 x 5.1
Power AC: 110V/50Hz (110V/50Hz),  AC: 110V/60Hz (110V/60Hz),  AC: 100V/50Hz (100V/50Hz),  AC: 100V/60Hz (100V/60Hz),  AC: 115V/50Hz (115V/50Hz),  AC: 115V/60Hz (115V/60Hz),  AC: 120V/50Hz (120V/50Hz),  AC: 120V/60Hz (120V/60Hz),  AC: 127V/50Hz (127V/50Hz),  AC: 127V/60Hz (127V/60Hz),  AC: 220V/50Hz (220V/50Hz),  AC: 220V/60Hz (220V/60Hz),  AC: 230V/50Hz (230V/50Hz),  AC: 230V/60Hz (230V/60Hz),  AC: 240V/50Hz (240V/50Hz),  AC: 240V/60Hz (240V/60Hz)
Lumens 120
Status True
Volume 0
Dimable True
Voltage 240
Wattage 8
Portable True
Categories Light
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n),  Bluetooth: {Unknown}
Nightlight False
Rated Life
Scheduling True
Charge Time
Battery Life
Color Finish White/Aluminum
Discontinued False
Status Memory True
Adjustable CCT True
Certifications IP20 (IP20)
Interconnected False
Scenes Support True
Voice Platform Alexa,  Google Assistant,  Siri
Operating Range
Operating System iOS: 12 (Hope),  Andriod: (Unknown}
Est Energy Cost yr 0
Replacement Wattage 0
Voice Command Support True
Correlated Color Temperature CCT 0
Portable True

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Hue Bloom table lamp

Hue Bloom table lamp
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