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Ford Motor Company
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Ford Sync 3: Smart hardware. Smart software. Smart design. Ford SYNC 3 allows you to use voice commands to make calls, play music, get driving directions, and find other useful information. SYNC uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pass information between your vehicle and your phone. You can use voice commands and other simple controls—such as steering wheel buttons—to make and receive calls or listen to music.48 Like a universal remote control, SYNC controls other systems besides your phone. SYNC connects you to: Music, stored on USB or Bluetooth Audio devices Information such as turn-by-turn directions, weather, traffic, news, sports scores, and more through SYNC Services and Settings SYNC is customized in each vehicle, so the design can vary from model to model, but the basics are the same. To get the most out of SYNC, you’ll need: A Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (check our list of compatible phones) A media player that connects through USB Start by connecting your Bluetooth phone to SYNC through a process called "pairing." Once paired, your phone connects with SYNC each time you enter your vehicle, and calls are automatically transferred between your phone and your vehicle without hanging up. After pairing your phone, use SYNC voice commands to make calls, play music, and much more. Be sure to use a phone that’s compatible with the SYNC features you want, keep your phone’s firmware up-to-date, and learn as much as you can about your phone’s capabilities.

Property Value
Model Number
Part Number
Discontinued No
Contents mobile app
Weight () 0
H x W x D () 0 x 0 x 0
Status Yes
Volume 0
Compass Yes
Voltage 0
Portable Yes
Categories Cars,  Trucks,  Software(App)
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n),  Bluetooth: {Unknown},  3G / UTMS: {Unknown},  4G / LTE: {Unknown}
Color Finish
Discontinued No
Guest Access 0
Notifications Yes
Status Memory No
Interconnected No
Voice Platform Alexa
Operating Range
Operating System Andriod: 5.0 (Lollipop),  iOS: 12 (Hope)
Real Time Alerts No
Voice Command Support Yes
Portable Yes

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Ford Sync 3

Ford Sync 3
Ford Sync
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