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Wyze Labs
Manufacturer: Wyze Labs
Address: 3933 Lake Washington Blvd NE
Suite 350

Kirkland, WA  98033
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Wyze Band is so much more than your typical activity tracker. Wyze Band lets you control your smart home from your wrist. Don’t get us wrong! This bad boy is still every bit the activity and sleep tracker that you expect from a device sitting on your wrist. It can even track your heart rate. Take that and add to it the ability to control your smart home… Now that’s what we call a smart band. Wyze Band can control your Wyze devices – Turn on or tune Wyze Bulb. Pause Wyze Cam notifications. Control your Wyze Plug. It will also work with future Wyze devices, and with Alexa built-in, Wyze Band can control many non-Wyze smart home products. Configure rules in the Alexa app and you can have Wyze Band controlling your smart TV, running your nighttime routine, and even fetching your favorite playlist. That’s some next-level stuff right there. What else does Wyze Band got? How about a high-resolution, AMOLED touch screen. For those that aren’t techies out there, that’s a screen like what you have in your fancy smartphone. Customize that pixel-packed screen to make it your own. Upload your own image or do like most people on the web do and rip off someone else’s work. Your wrist. Your choice, right? Use Wyze Band to find your phone or receive call/app notifications. Heaven knows you can’t live without your phone for five minutes... Don’t sweat the sweat or the shower. Wyze Band is 5ATM rated, meaning you can submerge it up to 50 metres for 10 minutes. So, unless you’ve recently taken up deep-sea diving, you won’t have problems taking this into the water with you. Wyze Band is designed to be comfortable and with a 10-day battery life, you’ll hardly ever need to take it off.

Property Value
Model Number
Part Number
Discontinued Yes
Support https://support.wyzecam.com/
Contents Wyze Band USB Charger Quick Start Guide
MSRP (USD) 24.99
Weight (oz) 2.6
H x W x D (in) 4.38 x 3.25 x 1.25
Maps No
Clock Yes
Music No
Power DC: D
Status Yes
Volume 0
Cameras 0
Compass No
Display 0
Metrics Yes
Voltage 5
Infrared No
Portable No
Run Time
SIM Card No
Speakers 0
Event Log Yes
Face Size 0.95
Gyroscope No
Categories Wearable,  Watches
Shockproof Yes
Charge Time
Illuminated Yes
Microphones 0
Activity Log Yes
Audio In RCA 0
Audio In USB 0
Battery Life
Color Finish
Discontinued No
Display Type AMOLED
Audible Alarm No
Audio In HDMI 0
Audio In Mini 0
Field of View 0
IFTTT Applets No
Notifications Yes
Status Memory No
Audio In Phono 0
Face Size Unit in
Interconnected No
Voice Platform Alexa
Audio Recording No
Operating Range
Audio In Coaxial 0
Fitness Tracking Yes
Microphone Range 0
Operating System Andriod: (Unknown},  iOS: {Unknown}
Real Time Alerts Yes
Resolution Width 0
Sleep Monitoring No
Camera Frame Rate 0
Camera Resolution 0
Resolution Height 0
Alarm Volume Level 0
Automation Support Yes
Display Frame Rate 0
Facial Recognition No
Heart Rate Monitor No
Temperature Sensor Yes
Barometric Altimeter No
Camera Field of View 0
Magnetometer Sensors 0
Voice Command Support Yes
Daylight Savings Support Yes
Portable Yes

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It probably isn't going to feature on the wrist of a seasoned marathon runner, and nor is it going to change your life with crucial sleep pattern data. But if you have a casual interest in your daily step count, would rather collect that data with a wearable instead of the phone in your pocket, and are on a modest budget, the Band makes a good argument for itself.
The Band is easy to set up using a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone or Android handset. It took just a few seconds with our iPhone X, and the app is easy to use.
The Wyze Band automatically records steps, sleep and heart rate. It also has a dedicated run mode, which when activated logs the time and distance. This is all par for the course when it comes to fitness trackers, but we must remind readers that the Band is just $25, so to even attempt to mirror the capabilities of a Fitbit is impressive. We found the Band's walking and running tracking to be quite accurate. During a run with the Band on one wrist and an Apple Watch Series 4 on the other, they recorded very similar distances and heart rates (the latter to within just 2bpm, which we thought was impressive).
The step counting algorithm needs calibration to avoid too many phantom steps being recorded - I'm often at 1,200 by 5pm without going outside — and the app connection issues mentioned earlier need a fix, too. But as a first attempt, and one from a smart home company at that, the Band certainly shows promise.
Performance of the Band is mostly adequate, but there is a bit of a visual stutter when scrolling through its menu system, suggesting it isn't capable of much more than the very basics. We also found an exaggerated movement of the arm or wrist is required to get the screen to light up, so subtly checking the time or your daily step count isn't really possible. It's often easier to tap the display instead.
First impressions are good. The Wyze Band is packaged well and looks just like most other fitness trackers with slim and tall touchscreens. It has an integrated black silicon band that is easy to use and fits comfortably on either wrist. The Band feels a little larger than some of its rivals, but it can still be tucked under a shirt sleeve in most cases, and is light enough to be quickly forgotten about, and even slept with in comfort.
Wyze has online support and a toll free number
As ever with Wyze, the Band doesn't do anything above and beyond the competition, but in several key places it matches rivals at a far lower price point. At $25 the Band could certainly be an impulse purchase for many, and one which functions as a decent health and fitness tracker.
Standard one year warranty

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Wyze Band

Wyze Band
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