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 Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff - 1" (900-006 )
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Water Leak Sensor Plumbing

Flo Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer: Flo Technologies, Inc.
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Culver City, CA  90232
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Bring smart plumbing to your Home with Flo by Moen. This Smart Home system is the first water security system that monitors and protects your Home from leaks and water damage with a single device, no additional sensors needed. Designed by plumbing and tech industry professionals, Flo by Moen is installed on the main water supply line of the Home. Through the Flo by Moen mobile app or your web browser, you can see live water use, including water flow rates, pressure and even temperature. If the device detects an issue (e. g. high pressure, freezing water or a small leak) it will alert you through the app so you can fix it before that issue causes damage. If there's a catastrophic failure, like a burst pipe or someone leaves the water running, you'll be alerted in the app allowing you to shut the water off no matter where you are.

Property Value
Model Number 900-006
Part Number
Discontinued False
Support https://meetflo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/
Contents Leak Detection System, Power Adapter, Threaded tailpieces, O-rings, Spacers, Allen wrench/Hex Key
MSRP (USD) 549.99
Weight (lb) 1.9
H x W x D (in) 5.9 x 5.7 x 2.6
Plug Type B ((NEMA 5–15) U.S.)
Power AC: 110V/50Hz (110V/50Hz),  AC: 110V/60Hz (110V/60Hz),  AC: 100V/50Hz (100V/50Hz),  AC: 100V/60Hz (100V/60Hz),  AC: 115V/50Hz (115V/50Hz),  AC: 115V/60Hz (115V/60Hz),  AC: 120V/50Hz (120V/50Hz),  AC: 120V/60Hz (120V/60Hz),  AC: 127V/50Hz (127V/50Hz),  AC: 127V/60Hz (127V/60Hz),  AC: 220V/50Hz (220V/50Hz),  AC: 220V/60Hz (220V/60Hz),  AC: 230V/50Hz (230V/50Hz),  AC: 230V/60Hz (230V/60Hz),  AC: 240V/50Hz (240V/50Hz),  AC: 240V/60Hz (240V/60Hz)
Status True
Volume 0
Voltage 240
Hushable False
Portable False
Bell Wire False
Pipe Size 1
Categories Water Leak Sensor,  Plumbing
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n)
Pump Relay True
Color Finish Blue/Plastic
Discontinued False
Notifications True
Status Memory True
Certifications IP65 (IP65),  NSF (Nat Sanitation Found)
Interconnected True
Leak Detection True
Voice Platform Alexa,  Google Assistant
Operating Range 0°C / 32°F to 50°C / 122°F
Pipe Size Units in
Freeze Detection True
Operating System Andriod: (Unknown},  iOS: {Unknown}
Real Time Alerts True
Voice Command Support True
Portable False

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Flo Smart Water Shutoff

Flo Smart Water Shutoff
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