Fauna Fauna Smart Glasses and Charging Case - Levia Black
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Manufacturer: Fauna
Address: Kratkystrasse 2
Graz, Styria  8020
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Fauna is a designer audio eyewear made to fit seamlessly into your life. These revolutionary audio glasses protect your eyes and provide vivid sound when listening to your favorite music, audiobooks, and when making phone calls. Available in both a sunglasses version and a blue light filter version, the glasses are perfect for outside activities and working in front of a screen. What makes Fauna Audio Glasses unique in terms of audio technology is beamforming: With the sound travelling directly to your ear without major leakage, you will be the only one to hear your music, podcast or phone call - and no one else around you. On the other side, you will always be able to perceive your surroundings and hear what goes on around you as your ear canal is not obstructed. Fauna is currently available in four designs. The lenses of the device can easily be exchanged for prescription lenses by an optician – the material used is Italian acetate, a standard in the eyewear industry and optimal for fit and wearing comfort. Fauna Audio Glasses come with a charging case that allows re-charging your glasses on the go. Fauna connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or PC; a specific app is not required. The glasses are controlled by touching and swiping on the temples. Thanks to our patented audio technology, the temples remain slim and lightweight despite all the electronics inside. Levia Black is a pair of revolutionary audio glasses in a lightweight design with powerful micro speakers. It protects your eyes from blue light emitted from screens while you enjoy your favorite music and phone calls. Fauna Levia Black audio glasses come equipped with two microphones and four microspeakers. They are fitted with Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect lenses which can be exchanged by an optician. They are also water and dust resistant (IP52) and come with charging case, USB-C cable and cleaning cloth.

Property Value
Model Number
Part Number
Discontinued No
Support https://wearfauna.com/support/
Contents glasses, charging case, USB-C cable, instructions and cleaning cloth
MSRP (EUR) 249
Weight (g) 50
H x W x D (mm) 145.5 x 49 x 151
Music Yes
Power AC: 120 (120 Volt),  Rechargable: Other
Status No
Volume 80
Cameras 0
Compass No
Display 0
Voltage 0
Foldable Yes
Infrared No
Pausable Yes
Quantity 0
Run Time
Speakers 2
Event Log No
Gyroscope No
Categories Glasses
Networking Bluetooth: 5.0
Shockproof No
Charge Time
Geolocation No
Microphones 2
Nightvision No
Sound Level Yes
Activity Log No
Audio In RCA 0
Audio In USB 0
Battery Life
Color Finish Black
Refresh Rate 20
UHD Playback No
Volume Units dB
Accelerometer No
Audio In HDMI 0
Audio In Mini 0
Field of View 0
IFTTT Applets No
Noise Control Yes
Notifications No
Status Memory No
Audio In Phono 0
Certifications FCC (FCC Part 15 Class B),  CE (Conformité Européenn),  IP52 (IP52)
Indoor Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Interconnected Yes
Voice Platform Google Assistant,  Siri
Volume Control Yes
Audio Recording No
Operating Range -10°C to +35°C
Audio In Coaxial 0
Battery Capacity 0
Fitness Tracking No
Microphone Range 0
Operating System iOS: 10 (Whitetail),  Andriod: 6.0 (Mashmellow)
Real Time Alerts No
Resolution Width 0
Sleep Monitoring No
Water Resistance Yes
Camera Frame Rate 0
Camera Resolution 0
Nightvision Range 0
Resolution Height 0
Watts Per Channel 0
Display Frame Rate 0
Heart Rate Monitor No
Camera Field of View 0
Voice Command Support Yes
Portable Yes

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Fauna Levia Black Audio Glasses

Fauna Levia Black Audio Glasses

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