Haiku Home Haiku L Series 52" Smart Indoor Ceiling Fan - White with Universal Mount (FR127C-U1H00-3L00-09259-259P610)
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Haiku Home
Manufacturer: Haiku Home
Address: 2348 Innovation Drive Lexington, KY 40511

Lexington, KY  40511
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Remake your space the way you’ve always dreamed with Haiku L. Your entry point for Big Ass Fans style and performance, Haiku L delivers comfort with perfect silence and a sleek, classic design. Experience how its powerful, efficient airflow and seamlessly integrated LED will transform the look and feel of your space. The award winning, elegantly designed Haiku L series ceiling Fan delivers serious airflow and exceptional efficiency in equal measure. The L series is Energy Star certified and performs 4 times as efficiently as standards require, saving you money on utility bills. This 52-inch ceiling Fan is available in matte black, glossy white, cocoa and Caramel adding a touch of modern sophistication to any space. With an integrated LED and 16 brightness setting, you can adjust the light output to fit every occasion. Ten unique control settings allow you to choose the Fan speed, timer, sleep mode, and whoosh mode, which simulates natural breezes. The light and Fan can be controlled using the included remote, the free mobile app on your smart phone, or the Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Assistant, which allows you to adjust the Fan using simple voice commands. Every L series also features precision-balanced airfoils and is sound tested to make sure your Fan will never wobble, rattle or click. Stylish and efficient, the L series ceiling Fan is the perfect comfort solution for all spaces. Please Note: L Series fans require an active grounding wire which may not be present in homes built prior to 1950. This product is for indoor use only.

Property Value
Model Number FR127C-U1H00-3L00-09259-259P610
Part Number
Discontinued Yes
Support https://www.bigassfans.com/support/haiku/
MSRP (USD) 749
Weight (lb) 11.9
H x W x D (in) 0 x 52 x 0
Clock No
Motor 1
Power AC: 110V/50Hz (110V/50Hz),  AC: 110V/60Hz (110V/60Hz),  AC: 100V/50Hz (100V/50Hz),  AC: 100V/60Hz (100V/60Hz),  AC: 115V/50Hz (115V/50Hz),  AC: 115V/60Hz (115V/60Hz),  AC: 120V/50Hz (120V/50Hz),  AC: 120V/60Hz (120V/60Hz),  AC: 127V/50Hz (127V/50Hz),  AC: 127V/60Hz (127V/60Hz),  AC: 220V/50Hz (220V/50Hz),  AC: 220V/60Hz (220V/60Hz),  AC: 230V/50Hz (230V/50Hz),  AC: 230V/60Hz (230V/60Hz),  AC: 240V/50Hz (240V/50Hz),  AC: 240V/60Hz (240V/60Hz)
Status Yes
Volume 35
Display 0
Voltage 120
Lockable No
Speakers 0
Auto Away No
Event Log Yes
Categories Appliances
Filtration No
Mute Timer No
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n),  NFC: {Unknown}
Scheduling Yes
Cord Length 0
Color Finish White
Volume Units dB
IFTTT Applets Yes
Notifications Yes
Status Memory Yes
Super Burners 0
Certifications CE (Conformité Européenn),  ETL (ETL Intertek Listed),  CEC (CA Energy Commission),  ENERGY Star (ENERGY Star)
Filter Monitor No
Interconnected No
Manual Control Yes
Simmer Burners 0
Storage Drawer No
Voice Platform Alexa,  Google Assistant
Volume Control No
Operating Range
Remote Shut Off Yes
Filter Indicator No
Freezer Capacity 0
Operating System Andriod: 5.0 (Lollipop),  iOS: 12 (Hope)
Real Time Alerts Yes
Remote Monitoring No
Display Frame Rate 0
Est Energy Cost yr 0
Fresh Food Capacity 0
Voice Command Support Yes
Portable Yes

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Haiku L 52" White

Haiku L 52" White

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