Nest Labs Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant - Coral (GA01141-US)
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Nest Labs
Manufacturer: Nest Labs
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Meet the new Nest Mini. Your music sounds bigger and better than ever. And the Google Assistant is a huge help around the house. The Nest Mini 2nd Gen has 2x stronger bass than the original Mini. Made with the environment in mind. It has durable fabric top made from recycled plastic bottles. The Nest Mini 2nd Gen has improved voice recognition. Ask for help from across the room. The 2nd generation Nest Mini controls with your voice. Just say "Hey Google" to play songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more. Music sounds bigger and richer. Ask your Google Assistant about the weather, news, or almost anything. Hear your personalized schedule, current weather conditions, and reminders. Set timers and alarms. And control your compatible smart devices.

Property Value
UPC 193575000671
Model Number GA01141-US
Part Number
Discontinued No
Contents Nest Mini Power adapter and cable Documentation bundle
MSRP (USD) 29.99
Weight (g) 181
H x W x D (mm) 42 x 98 x 0
Clock No
Music Yes
Power AC: 120 (120 Volt)
Timer No
Status Yes
Volume 1
Cameras 0
Display 0
Voltage 120
Speakers 1
Auto Away No
Categories Voice Assistant
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11a (a),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n),  WiFi: 802.11ac (ac)
Scheduling No
Cord Length 1.5
Microphones 3
Screen Size 0
Sound Level No
Color Finish Coral
Program Type
UHD Playback No
Field of View 0
IFTTT Applets No
Notifications No
Status Memory Yes
Vacation Mode No
Certifications FCC (FCC Part 15 Class B)
Interconnected No
Voice Platform Google Assistant
Volume Control Yes
Operating Range
Remote Shut Off No
Microphone Range 40
Operating System Andriod: (Unknown}
Resolution Width 0
Camera Frame Rate 0
Camera Resolution 0
Cord Length Units
Remote Monitoring No
Resolution Height 0
Visual Indicators 0
Display Frame Rate 0
Speaker Connections 0
Camera Field of View 0
Weather Intelligence Yes
Microphone Range Unit mm
Voice Command Support Yes
Portable Yes

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8 Overall

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New to the whole voice assistant world? The Nest Mini is certainly a solid place to start, with an updated design that lets you get the speaker off your cluttered work space, kitchen counter or book shelf and on a wall. Sound playback is good — which means you won't feel like you're being cheated while playing music from the speaker.
Have Google Home installed on your smartphone? You're going to be up and running in minutes. If you don't have a Google Home device — and this is your first one — you're going to want to download that app to either your Android smartphone or iPhone, and then set up an account. After that, the app will locate and connect to the Nest Mini, and walk you through setting up features including voice match, and others.
As with other Google smart speakers, you can use the Mini to control devices that connect to Google Assistant. Google also makes it clear, as before, when the microphones are turned off and not listening. Slide the slider to the right so it shows orange and you'll also see the lights turn orange as well — and stay orange. Google will also tell you that the microphone is off as well.
There are gesture controls built into the Nest Mini, mostly the same as the old Home Mini, where you can tap the right and left to turn up or down the volume. Those buttons also light up nicely as soon as your hand is close to the speaker — about an inch or two from the device. But now you can also pause the speaker by just tapping the top, and have it start up again.
The speaker is also just better. Music just sounds much (much) fuller from earlier Google Home Mini's with rounder tones, and some deeper bass as well. You're not getting a high-end speaker but for causal listening while working, while cooking in a kitchen, while doing projects in the garage, you're to going to feel cheated. The improved speaker is actually a reason to buy the updated Google Home Mini. But be clear — this isn't a high quality speaker. Still, sound is much (much) fuller from the earlier Google Home Mini, and I would say is makes it an easy decision to buy the updated smart speaker.
Although the Nest Mini is priced regularly at $49, a number of deals are available during the holiday season, and we've seen it as low as $29. You can choose from charcoal, chalk, sky and coral colors.
Standard online and phone support
Although the Nest Mini is priced regularly at $49, a number of deals are available during the holiday season, and we've seen it as low as $29. You can choose from charcoal, chalk, sky and coral colors.
One year warranty

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Nest Mini (2nd Generation) with Google Assistant - Coral

Nest Mini (2nd Generation) with Google Assistant - Coral
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